Is CBD Legal?

While oil extracted from marijuana and contained a high trace amount of THC, it may fall under a different categorization;

Like cannabis itself, cannabidiol oil (CBD oil) has been a long-debated topic. While oil extracted from marijuana and high in THC may fall under different categorization, CBD oil extracted from industrial hemp contains only a small amount of THC and, therefore, is not psychoactive but legal in all 50 states. Yes, you can buy CBD legally.

How Is CBD Legal?

While cannabis and CBD oil coming from psychoactive marijuana is still, unfortunately, illegal on a federal level, CBD oil derived from agricultural hemp can be bought in all 50 states. In states where medical or recreational marijuana passed legalization, possession of every form of CBD is a protected right. 16 states, however, have passed laws regarding only CBD, both cannabis, and hemp-based. Only six states, today, consider CBD derived from cannabis illegal. How is CBD legal in all 50 states then? CBD oil produced from hemp remains federally legal. The Federal Omnibus Act of 2016 Section 763, and the 2014 Agricultural Act Section 7606, as well as the Farm Bill Act, protect nearly every prospect of the hemp industry, including CBD oil. To put it simply, CBD oil derived from non-psychoactive hemp is legal because it does not contain THC and, in turn, cannot get anyone "high."

Under the Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program or Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill, anyone seeking to grow, handle, or produce industrial hemp and its derivatives must obtain a KDA (Kentucky Department of Agriculture) license to grow or process. After all, hemp is still considered a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance in accordance with both state and federal law.

How to Buy CBD legally?

Needless to say, CBD oil extracted from industrial or agricultural hemp is being sold and shipped to all 50 states. Before purchasing, however, buyers should educate themselves on the importance of finding quality CBD in order to experience its full effect. Cannainsider is an excellent resource for learning more about CBD oil as well as buying from a wide selection of vendors, dispensaries, brick-and-mortar and online stores. From there, the CBD can be legally shipped to any address in the United States.

CBD Benefits

There are almost as many CBD benefits as there are with cannabis. While CBD oil produced from hemp isn't nearly as beneficial or potent as that derived from cannabis and containing THC, hemp-based oil is known to relieve various pains and inflammations, help prevent psychotic episodes, reduce anxiety, fight several forms of cancer, relieve nausea, treat seizures and neurological disorders, lower the risk of diabetes and promote cardiovascular health. As a dietary supplement, CBD oil can safely provide children and adults alike with nutrients and vitamins needed in any daily diet.

Although marijuana and CBD oil derived from the psychoactive plant still is not legal, hemp-based CBD oil is available in all 50 states. It is sold both online and in-store and can be legally shipped to any location within the United States. The benefits of using agricultural hemp CBD oil are almost as extensive as the benefits of using cannabis or CBD oil which contains THC.