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How Does CBD or Hemp Oil Reduce Pain?

CBD or Hemp Oil Extract is a Serious Alternative to Opioid Painkillers

Cannabidiol (CBD or Hemp) oil is a mouthful of a word that has risen to the top of many conversations regarding pain management and chronic pain relief. An extract of the marijuana plant, CBD or Hemp is in no way related to THC that provides a high. In fact, some users say it makes them fatigued, irritable, and sometimes dizzy. While it’s obvious no one would choose to feel like this, when compared to the dead serious prospects of addiction and other health hazards related to traditional painkillers like opioids, taking another look at CBD or Hemp oil seems like a good idea.

CBD or Hemp Oil Benefits for Pain

Studies on the ability of CBD or Hemp Oil to reduce pain, inflammation, and other types of discomfort are not yet conclusive but show much promise. As more Americans become aware of the true dangers of opioids (which we’ll discuss in a later section), the search for alternative methods of pain relief has been moved from the back burner to the front for effectiveness. The first thing to realize is that CBD or Hemp Oil products don’t require the FDA blessing for their ability to treat any particular disease. To be honest, this particular government agency seems to stand stubbornly behind the curve when it comes to medications.

What is needed is more nationally-funded research. Until then, we do have tons of anecdotal evidence and a handful of other studies that point towards CDB or Hemp Oil as providing substantial pain relief for a growing number of conditions up to and including serious types of cancer. So far, researchers have concluded that CBD or Hemp Oil works by interacting with cell receptors in the brain and immune system to create the anti-inflammatory effect previously mentioned.

Is CBD or Hemp Oil Good for Nerve Pain?

Nerve pain is a type of chronic pain that usually starts with nerve injury, disease, or some sort of toxin. For those who have never experienced the agony of a pain that never goes away, be thankful. Be very, very thankful. For those who live with the day-to-day reality of various parts of your body feeling like they have been alternately shoved into boiling water or stabbed repeatedly with pins, the search for relief becomes the most important and best thing in life.

The search for diabetes, arthritis, and even chronic back pain relief has turned more and more towards the marijuana plant in recent years, in particular the CBD or Hemp Oil extract. While there is enough substantive medical opinion in favor of its use or at least to conduct more studies, obtaining CBD or Hemp Oil in America right now can be problematical since the growth, packaging, and distribution of marijuana in any form is illegal in large parts of the world and tightly controlled elsewhere. In other words, there is a serious supply problem, due to huge demands, even in instances where it might greatly improve quality of life.

CBD or Hemp Oil vs Painkillers

Opioid is a dirty word in modern America, and for good reason. What exactly are we talking about? Beginning in the late 1990’s and continuing through the present, the prescription – some would say over-prescription – of opioid painkillers has increased dramatically. We know these drugs by a variety of names: Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Lorcet, Percocet, Dilaudid, Vicodin, and others. The potential for abuse, addiction, and accidental overdose leading to death has been well-chronicled in the media. President Trump recently declared the problem a national epidemic.

What’s the problem with these drugs? Besides the fact that they are morphine and heroin derivatives that act essentially the same on the brain, more and more deaths have been attributed to the sedative effect that can cause respiratory failure among other symptoms. Worse, we’re not talking about a street drug. By 2016, these legally obtained painkillers were accounted for more than half of all opioid overdose deaths, including heroin and morphine. With those sobering numbers, it’s easy to see why the medical community would like to find another way to treat chronic pain. Right now, the observed CBD or Hemp Oil side effects pale in comparison to opioids.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line to our findings concluded after much research made – supporting the efficacy of CBD or Hemp Oil. In a 2008 review, conducted between the late 1980s and 2007, published in the National Institutes of Health after reviewing numerous studies and concluded that CBD or Hemp Oil was effective in overall pain management with no side effects, and was particularly good for chronic pain related insomnia. The list of diseases this “miracle” oil has shown to be helpful for seems to grow longer daily. Here’s to hoping the powers-that-be soon drop their anachronistic opposition to what they perceive to be a hedonistic drug and realize it’s actually a remarkable alternative to current best practices related to pain control.