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Is Hemp Oil Legal and Beneficial For Athletes?

Retired NFL Players and Hemp Oil

Several retired NFL players have joined with CW Botanicals and the Realm of Caring. The leaders of the group are Nate Jackson and Jake Plummer, formerly of the Broncos, and Eugene Monroe, the current tackle for the Ravens. Their mission is to raise $100,000 to fund Hemp Oil studies. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and John Hopkins University have teamed to survey approximately twenty former and twenty current NFL players regarding their medical and injury history, and to discover if they have used Hemp Oil. This research will be used to study the way the body processes Hemp Oil, and the safety of long term use. The goal is using for chronic traumatic encephalopathy and concussion symptoms. According to the John Hopkins professor of behavioral pharmacology, Dr. Ryan Vandrey wants to learn about the effects of on pain, post-surgical issues, concussions and the symptoms of post-surgical concussions. He stated he wanted to know about everything because his focus is on the health of the players. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabis compound with pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties used to treat children with epilepsy. Many NFL players believe painkillers can totally be replaced with Hemp Oil.

Bodybuilders and Hemp Oil

Bodybuilders, fitness junkies and trainers may be able to increase their cardio output and cut muscle recovery in half with Hemp Oil. According to the Compassionate Awareness Project co-founder, Lance Parvin, the nutrients in medicinal cannabis are good for training, and he fully recommends them. Parvin stated when medical cannabis is used as a tool for training, or to target a medical condition, the benefits encompass a broad spectrum. Since he began serving the CAP, he has converted a lot of trainers, bodybuilders, and even performers regarding the benefits of  Hemp Oil. Due to his efforts, numerous Las Vegas Strip performers have begun using Hemp Oil as part of their workout regiments several times each week. Cannabis additionally does much more than helps preventing pain, it helps victims of injury and disease heal safer and faster. In 2015, Parvin convinced the owner of a gym to try medicinal cannabis. After one month, she was recovering faster. Due to Hemp Oil, she can increase the pace of weights faster while lifting. Taking Hemp Oil (also available in pills) in the evening is effective because the body heals while in REM sleep. The pills can also be taken shortly before working out, should not be taken with food, or taken at the wrong time.

Athletes Can Use Hemp Oil Legally

In 2018, WADA, or the World Anti-Doping Agency has removed  Hemp Oil from their banned substances list. Athletes from all sports can now use certain cannabis products for recovery and training regimens. The International Olympic Committee created WADA to monitor and coordinate drug use for athletes. In addition to the Olympic athletes, WADA has the responsibility of regulating performance enhancing and illicit drug use for many athletic organizations. These organizations include: baseball, softball, kickboxing, lacrosse, bodybuilding, and many more. Of the 300,000 athletes tested in 2015, four percent had Hemp Oil in their systems. These athletes were disqualified, but today’s athletes no longer must worry about screens for Hemp Oil. The decision was based on Hemp Oil’s therapeutic benefits for relaxation, repair, recovery, focus and nutrition. What a great progress!

The Benefits of Hemp Oil for Athletes

Hemp Oil is effective for athletes for many reasons. Hemp Oil helps relieve inflammation and pain, as well as promoting an athlete’s recovery after training or injuries. Fact: Athletes receive injuries, and their time for recovery must be kept to a minimum. As an anti-inflammatory, Hemp Oil helps accomplish this. Hemp Oil has also been found to be effective as a topical treatment for athletes with damaged skin. As painkillers continue to come under unflattering scrutiny, Hemp Oil represents another alternative. Fact: Athletes require sleep to wind down and heal, and CDB or Hemp Oil has been effectively used in the treatment of insomnia. The specific diet athletes must consume is extremely high in protein, and less of a challenge for athletes using Hemp Oil. This is especially true if the individual has lost their appetite due to an injury, cold or simply being under the weather.